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Is your website ready for 100% online trading?


Successfully operating your business online means more than simply having a website. Here’s a few important things you should be thinking about to give your business the best chance of online success.

Having your support local and in the same time zone for quick and responsive support.

The internet is a vast place, with computers connected to each other all over the world.

Making sure that your customer’s internet traffic stays in Australia, making your site more responsive.

The internet is a vast place, with computers connected to each other all over the world.

Accommodating larger volumes of customer traffic and reducing access restrictions to your website.

It is imperative that customers can use your website from mobile devices like phones and tablets, increasing your site usability.

Having an SSL certificate for your website is how you let your customers know that your site is safe. Without it, your customers may walk away.

Having a private server, that you don’t share with other unknown businesses and their customers, makes sure your customers come first.

DIY IMprovement Tips

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is an incredibly powerful and affordable way to find the right customers and send them to your website

2. Less is more

Give the important information first and provide links for further details if needed. Generally you only have a few seconds to convince a visitor that your site has what they need

3. Placement

Links to your store, booking portal, phone number or email should be predominately displayed on your site so your customers can easily find what they are looking for

What can Bitplex do for you

Here at Bitplex we want to help you be successful online. As a local business we understand the challenges you face because we face them as well  

Online Stores

It’s more important than ever that your customers can purchase your products/services online.

Local hosting

We can move your website to an Australian based server which can significantly decrease your websites loading time 

Web Development

Don’t have a website? It’s never been more important for local business to get online. With more than 50 years collective experience, our team can create a website that meets the needs of your business.

Business Strategy

We know that every local business is different and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We can develop an online plan that fits the individual needs of your business.

Web Design

Designing your website is one of the hardest parts of going online. Let us work with you to bring your ideas to the web.

Concierge Service

Our goal is to seamlessly provide our services so your business can continue uninterrupted and with no added stress.

Hosting Costs on Australian Servers

*extra data transfer is charged at $0.05 per GB
^Prices are ex GST.

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